working for passion vs availability in nigeria

It is common knowledge that when a person is doing what he/she is passionate about, it is done with ease and not as a task. E.g. If you love watching movies, being a movie critic would not be a difficult job for you because you are doing what you love. Now let’s bring this home, how many of us can truly say we are doing what we love. Even from school (university) a lot of people end up studying courses they are not even interested in, they just go along with what is available to them. This same scenario is still seen today in our workplaces. There are many unmotivated, almost frustrated people out there who are being drained daily at their workplaces because they have no iota of interest in their job description.

Many of us have had several experiences where we went to an office to get something done and the way the staff treated you was downright disrespectful,  then you begin to wonder what you did wrong to the person or perhaps if you offended the person in another life (lol but seriously it could be very annoying). This type of behaviour usually happens when these people get these jobs just because they need a source of income. They have no emotional attachment whatsoever to the job and they therefore do not see the need to treat it or the people involved with respect.

On the other hand however, you cannot really blame these people for grabbing the next available job opportunity and running with it. They are afterall just trying to make ends meet; pay house rent, electricity and water bills, school fees for the children, and of course put food on the table. But here’s the catch, you can grab the next available opportunity and have an interest in it. You can decide to be the best at that particular thing e.g. a cleaner can decide to be the best cleaner in that organization. I have met people like this at my workplace, some people irrespective of their job description have shown themselves to be exceptional at what they do and that’s because they have interest in it. This might not cause a raise in their salaries but it could give them favours from people.

With all that’s been discussed above, it’s no wonder there are several CEOs today. People have become wiser; doing what they love and also making money from it.

Are you passionate about your job or are you just working because the job is available? Let me know your perspective.

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