what you need to know about coronavirus and covid-19

There’s so much information going around about coronavirus and COVID-19. Here is what you need to know to stay safe.


COVID 19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019. It is a respiratory illness caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus. It was first detected in Wuhan China in December 2019.


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Mode of Spread

The disease spreads from person-to-person. Primarily through air droplets (when a person talks, coughs or sneezes). Also spreads via contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.

Prevention of COVID-19

  1. Thorough hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based hand rub.

Watch the video above for more explanation on ways to prevent the disease.

Important Landmarks

  • December 2019: the novel coronavirus was detected in 2019.
  • January 2020: The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a public health issue.
  • March 2020: COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO.

Countries with the highest number of cases (as at the time of this post) are: USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, France, Iran, UK.

Classification of COVID-19

  1. Asymptomatic
  2. Mild: mainly flu-like symptoms such as low grade fever, cough, malaise)
  3. Moderate: includes symptoms such as high grade fever, severe cough, some breathlessness on exertion.
  4. Severe: mainly symptoms of severe pneumonia. This includes respiratory distress, high grade fever, inability to eat or drink normally.
  5. Critical: in addition to the symptoms of severe COVID-19, also includes sepsis and organ failure.

Watch the video above for more details on the disease, Mode of spread, Prevention, and Classification.

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