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This is not a known brand, especially for my readers in Nigeria.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics was founded in 1995 by celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo. They have a reputation for luxurious, high-performance formulas and trend-led colour palettes. What really got me interested in this brand is the intuitive “Microwater” technology. The water canvas foundation is described as a “unique oil-free and creme-to-powder formula provides a real skin look, feel and finish”. Created with a patented process and 75% microwater to hydrate and nourish the skin for a healthy complexion. So light it feels like a second skin. Coverage is from light to medium. Infused with Seaweed Extract to protect, nourish skin and lock in moisture, Microwater intuitively seeks out imperfections, helping to fill in the look of fine lines and smooth skin.
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The wear

It really feels like real skin, when I put the foundation on, it was like my skin but better. I was really surprised not only because of it’s flawless finish, but also because I ordered this product online without a clue as to the shade that would fit my skin. I just went with the one I felt was ‘dark enough.’ Another good thing about this product is that it is buildable yet lightweight. It initially gives a light coverage, but when built on, it becomes a medium coverage. For those of you that want a full coverage, this might not be the product for you. I don’t even think they intend it to be a full coverage foundation because remember that this is a water based foundation. Plus it’s meant to be a real skin look and we all know real skin is not full coverage *wink*.
I wore this foundation from morning to evening and I didn’t get oily. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not sying this foundation is perfect but it is d*mn good. Without makeup, it seems I have dry skin but with makeup on, it’s a different ballgame. With makeup on, my face starts to pour out oil…literally. To be sincere, I think the degree of oil production is based on the brand of makeup I use. I guess that’s why my friend (Lade) tells me I have high end skin. Who knew!!!
Lade and Janet

The price

Now let me tell you about pricing. lol…this is where it gets tricky. I intentionally didn’t mention the price at the beginning of this post ‘cos I’m sure some of you would have just logged out. This water canvas foundation retails on their website for $57 but hol up, y’all know I didn’t buy it for that amount. I got it on sale from a UK online store for 13 pounds. (I guess that’s the reason I was willing to take the risk if it was not my actual shade). You might think that’s really cheap right?! Well, wait till I add shipping and customs duty. The sum total is about N10,000. I guess it’s still a bargain compared to the retail price of about N20,000.
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In Summary:

Inspired by fashion, and driven by innovation, this brand has created breakthrough formulations unrivaled to this day. Vincent Longo Cosmetics celebrates the individual qualities that make each woman authentic. This foundation and more can be ordered from the online store on Instagram @thelifestyleoutlet. We also take custom orders. Thanks for reading. Kindly share this post with your friends on social media. I’d love to know your thoughts, so kindly leave your comments below. With Love, Janet.

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