If you are yet to start housejob or you are still a new houseofficer, you would really benefit from this post. Trust me!

It is with a lot of of joy in my heart that I write this post. HOUSEJOB IS FINALLY OVER. It feels so good knowing you are no longer at the bottom of the doctors-chain lol. But really, how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I put up the post about starting housejob and then my paediatrics posting.

Having finished housejob, I felt it was high time I dropped a few tips for the new /soon to be houseofficer. SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY THE READ.


  1. WELLDONE: I don’t think I ever used this word in a serious context until I started my surgery rotation(ie my second rotation). I usually used ‘welldone’ when someone was acting mischevious until I realized it was a secret weapon in the medical world. Welldone, could mean; good morning, good afternoon, good evening, how are you, great job, … the list goes on. Just think of something you want to communicate and you don’t have the right words, ‘welldone’ would do the trick.
  2. CHIEF: The first time I heard this word being used in the medical context was during my first posting (paediatrics) and I was very surprised. My friend was trying to call the attention of a consultant and she goes “chief…”. I waited till she was done with the conversation, then I asked why she used that word. To my surprise, she said that was how seniors were referred to in her (Nigerian) medical school. WOW! I never thought this word would come in handy till I started my second posting (surgery). I used ‘chief’ almost everyday. It became a force of nature. To make this word even more powerful, just add the sir/ma. Once you say “Chief Sir/Chief Ma”, the matter is over, you have ended the whole show. The way people love to be respected in Nigeria is so WONDERFUL. You can actually slap one of your senior colleagues and then say “Chief Sir, I’m sorry” and they would forgive you in a heartbeat. CAUTION – Do not try this at home, offenders are liable to d*e young. But I’m sure you get how powerful this word “chief” is.
  3. MATRON: *laughing out loud* where do I start from. Matron is a word used to call, well … matrons(very senior nurses). The way one would call me Doctor, likewise, the Matrons are called Matron. But this word is so abused/misused that every nurse is referred to as a matron. Well if you want them to listen to you, you might as well do the needful. I always get the impression that once you refer to a nurse (even one that is not a matron) as matron, it’s like giving a child sweets, ice-cream, toys (or something they really like).

I think that’s about it for this post. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you *wink*

Thanks for reading.

With Love,


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