The Pressures of Society have caused a lot of changes in our current world; both for the good and the not so good. These days a lot of people don’t really care about morals, they prefer what is in vogue. It doesn’t really matter what the cost is, it’s come down to “if we want it, we gotta have it” mentality.

Gone are the days when people actually work for what they need or want, now everybody is a ‘CEO’ or ‘ENTREPRENEUR’. Yes, it’s a good thing to be your own boss, have your own business which makes you honest money but that does not seem to be the case in recent times.

Would it actually kill you to have an honest business? 

It’s even worse online. They are several fraudsters that claim to be business men/women, whose aim is to rip off any and everyone they come across. I wonder what goes on in their minds. You see people online who claim to be what they are not. I know the online world is a big black hole that can suck up your entire personality and turn you into another person but let’s work with some wisdom.

You are a unique being, if you try being someone else, you would fail woefully. This is something I keep reiterating both on my blog and in reality. You are special the way you are, once you try living in someone else’s shadow, you lose your identity. It doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration from others. I am constantly inspired by those around me, no matter how little the inspiration may be but I don’t lose my identity. I don’t lose that uniqueness by trying to become someone else.

Funny thing is that most people don’t actually start out with the aim of becoming someone else but gradually they do. Especially when you are not content with what you have. The beautiful thing about life is that it’s not a rigid box, there is always space to grow. Work with what you have, invest the little resources you have (time, talent, money, etc) and see your coast enlarge.

Hardwork pays you know. But don’t make that mistake of confusing hardwork with hustling. should not have to hustle to earn an honest living. This quote “God bless your hustle” is just plain ignorance (in my opinion). God did not send you out on the world to be a hustler. You might not have it as easy as others, in fact you may be struggling to make ends meet but refuse to let yourself be known as a hustler. Do not associate with that word. Remember the tongue is a very powerful tool. If after reading this, you still call yourself a hustler, lol, I feel so sorry for you.

On a more serious note though, let’s not let society influence us so much to the extent that we loose our identity. Chasing after material things would not bring you happiness. Happiness comes from within. There are several rich people who find it difficult sleeping at night. Not because they have medical conditions that would prevent them from doing so, but because of all the unjust things they have done.

Live a righteous life, it’s not just enough to think you are a good person doing good deeds.

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