The launch of LbJ

launch of lbj

Hi everyone !!! I’ve got a big announcement to make. I’m sure some of you have noticed some subtle changes on social media but here’s the big one. The blog which was at has been successfully moved to (LBJ). Yipeeee! This change had always been part of the long-term plan but thank God it came sooner than expected. I am so grateful to God this became a reality this year; 2016. As I mentioned in my how to stay positive  post, this year has not yet ended, so don’t act like it has. A lot can still be achieved in a couple of days, so make it count.

My appreciation and love goes…

To my dear subscribers, those who liked and commented on the posts (now the LbJ community ..kisses..),  thank you so so so much for your support, it meant and still means a lot to me. We are now bigger and better to welcome more people on board.

To everyone who has shown the blog some love in one way or another, those who helped me become better and even those who believed I was wasting my time, thank you for your priceless contribution.

To those who are new here, you are welcome. Take a look around and if you like what you see, then kindly join the team by signing up to our new mailing list.

Once again, THANK YOU

With Love,


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