Ever been to Kakum National Park? Here’s everything you need to know

Hi guys…

I am so excited to be writing about this trip. This is my first post in the ‘Adventures’ category…can’t wait to go on more adventures. Don’t even ask me how or why but this was my first time at Kakum National Park. *covers face*

The trip

This trip was inspired by some senior colleagues who suggested we take another ‘more senior colleague from Nigeria; Dr. Olufemi’ on a tour around Cape Coast and it’s environs.

FYI: Kakum National Park is famous for it’s canopy walk and it is located in Abrafo, a small town close to Cape Coast. Cape Coast is a major city in the Central region of Ghana. Central region is one of the 10 regions in Ghana.

We planned this trip just a day before we were to go on our adventure, so it was more spontaneous than planned.

It was a very beautiful Saturday morning in May.. until it started raining. At this point, I thought the trip would be cancelled but my friends were not perturbed by the rain. This turned out to be a wise decision because apparently it was only raining in certain parts and not others.

We set off a few minutes past 11am and we were 4 in number; 2 males & 2 females. The 2 males had previously been to Kakum and the females (me included) were first timers at Kakum.

Checking in

When we arrived at the gate to the park, we were subtly harassed by men selling palm wine ( which looked like it had been mixed with water). They kept on shoving their bottles of diluted palmwine through the window of our vehicle but we laughed off the event. It just showed us how eager they were to sell their products. We paid the gate fees, which was 2 cedis per person (about $2 for the 4 of us) and then proceded to the parking lot.

We then paid for the canopy walk (20 cedis per person), obtained our visitor tags and hung around the reception with other visitors till a tour guide was available to take us on the tour. Apparently the place gets so busy that you may have to wait a while before you can start your canopy walk..but it was worth the wait.

welcome greetings at kakum national park ghana

Journey to the canopy

The journey to the canopy walk began by us walking thru miles of rocky roads and some forest. As we walked, the tour guide enlightened us on the history and importance of Kakum National Park. He also stressed on the fact that everyone needed to be quiet in order to see the animals around. But guess what..everyone was too excited to be quiet so no animals were seen on this trip. The journey to the canopy walk was like doing cardio exercises 10 times over, probably because we were walking up a hill.

tour at kakum park ghana

When we got to the canopy walk, I had to summon courage to get on that ‘flimsy piece of wood tied in place by ropes’ thing called a canopy walk. I remember initially asking myself if that ‘thing’ could hold us all because there were 3 people ahead of me and about 20 more behind me. But then I was reassured when the tour guide said no one has ever fallen of the canopy before. When I started the walk, I was initially brisk walking to catch up with the person ahead of me. But when we got to the middle of the canopy where the wood tends to sag a bit and you feel the full force of gravity on you, mehn…I just had to slow down. At that point, I bet a tortoise could move faster than me.

Canopy walk

The canopy walks are 7 in total but has another route which could take you on 3 walks instead of 7. This option is obviously for the weak hearted, which I am not. So, I completed the 7 canopy walks and then surprisingly, we all decided to repeat the walk with a new group of people. We managed to find our way around the forest to the point where the walk begins and we joined a new group of people on another walk.

The walk the 2nd time around was so fun. I led the group and almost ran on the canopy. I was so brave this time that my boldness surprised even me and I ended up dancing on the canopy on the second trip. The walk was more interesting the second time because we had familiarized ourselves with the terrain. As they say, practice makes perfect…


After the walk, we headed down the hill to the reception area but stopped along the way to drink (at that time, very refreshing) coconut water. The 4 of us took about 3 coconuts each, yes, we were that dehydrated. At the reception area we bought some chilled bottles of water and further rehydrated ourselves, rested for some minutes and proceeded to view the Kakum museum/gallery. The museum had various antiques on display (including an elephant skull) and some very cool facts about the park.

We ended our experience by buying some tasty treats (popcorn) for the road but eventually ate up most of it at the park because we had worked up some appetite.

Yeah, so that’s it guys…this was my Kakum experience. Would love to get feedback from you especially because this is my first post with a video included. Let me know if you enjoyed reading and of course watching.

Same time next week.

With love…?


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