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The Dark Room by Yellow Plate, a unique Abuja Restaurant.

Are you interested in a new restaurant experience, then keep reading…

The Dark room is a restaurant, bar, & lounge located in Wuse 2, Abuja Nigeria.

beautiful scenery at the dark room abuja
The beautiful scenery

How did I find the restaurant?

Well, I didn’t. My friend did.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, my friends and I just got out of church and we were hungry. One of us suggested a particular restaurant in Maitama, which we searched for but didn’t find. Then another said she had seen some pictures on Instagram from a place called The Yellow Plate and that she wanted to try out their food. We all agreed on having lunch there and proceeded to the restaurant with the help of google maps. Luckily, we found it without any hassles.

The Environment:

Upon arrival at the supposed location of the restaurant, I wasn’t sure we were at the right place because the environment looked quite residential. The restaurant is located at the end of an alley with little or no space for parking. We parked outside the gate because cars weren’t allowed through the gate, there is no space for that inside the compound.

entrance gate to the darkroom abuja abuja
The Environment, Yellow plate Abuja

I had mixed feelings about the place till we stepped through the gate; it was so neat.

The yellow plate/The Darkroom:

You would have noticed that I haven’t referred to this place as the dark room yet and that’s because I didn’t know. Keep reading, the story would become clearer in a minute.

As the door was opened for us, my first thought was this place doesn’t even have electricity and that’s because we were met with pitch darkness. Apparently, I said my thought out loud because as soon as the words left my mouth, I got a response from one of the staff there and he said “welcome to the dark room”. It was then that things started become clear to me. We were going to eat in the dark today, yikes!

the darkroom abuja
The Darkroom

P.S. The Dark Room is the name of the restaurant and The Yellow Plate is their online café.

The food:

It took us a long while to decide on what we were going to have for lunch. At first, we deliberated whether to leave or stay. We decided on staying and proceeded to look through their menu.

the darkroom abuja food and drinks menu
The Darkroom Menu

First impressions…the food was quite pricey and the drinks ‘pricier’

Our order took about 20 minutes to get done.

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Starter
    • Cheesy garlic bread – 2,000
delicious cheesy garlic bread from yellow plate abuja
Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Main meal
    • Asun jollof rice – 4,500
    • Assorted pasta – 5,000
    • Spicy beef pasta – 5,000
yellow plate abuja pasta
Pasta in the Darkroom
meals including asun jollof rice from the yellow plate abuja
Asun jollof rice
  • Drinks
    • Jamba juice – 3,500
    • Frozen mint lemonade – 3,500
    • Baileys milkshake – 3,500
jamba juice and baileys milkshake drinks from yellow plate abuja
Jamba juice and Baileys Milkshake

Our waiter, Hope, was super nice and very patient with us. Truth be told, if not for her, we probably would have left there soon after arrival.

The Yellow plate food review:

  • The garlic bread was a hit: two out of the three of us don’t eat garlic bread but guess what? We ate this one and it was delicious.
  • The meals were delicious and the portions were plenteous: one plate can feed two people comfortably. As you can imagine, none of us finished their food. We had to ask for the remainder to be put in take-out packs (costs 500 naira extra for an empty pack).
take out pack from yellow plate abuja
Take out pack
  • The drinks were just ok. I think they are over priced cos there was absolutely nothing special about them.

A summary of the experience

I was in good company, so irrespective of the food or customer service, I would have had a great time.

Having said that, I actually had a great time. It was a new experience for my friends and I. The food was quite good and we had lots of laughs.

I’d definitely recommend this place but you gotta make sure you have some good money to spend.

Lifestyle by janet at the darkroom by yellow pate abuja

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