motivation for 2017

Wow ! It’s just 3 days to 2017, excited much? I guess some of you have already made your new year resolutions lol, I wish you all the best. One thing I have learnt this year; 2016, is not to compare myself with others. Yes, there are times I realized I was doing that but I always stop myself immediately. This is because you are unique, there’s only one you in this world. So it’s a bit unfair to yourself if you keep comparing with others. Don’t get me wrong … it’s ok to look at others and admire their achievements or even get inspired by their achievements. But comparing yourself with others would only get you depressed and you might lose your motivation to work harder and achieve your goals.

Summary of it all…you are unique, so don’t let anyone tell you or treat you otherwise. Cheers to the 2016 achievements.

With Love,


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