housejob at maitama district hospital

A house officer (in Nigeria) is a doctor who is doing a compulsory one year internship (called housejob), by working in one of the recognised health institutions

Read medicine they said. It’s a professional course they said. A doctor would always have a job they said. Doctors are paid well…they said. They said so many things about medicine and well, being a doctor in general. But you never know how much it hurts, unless you are in the persons shoes.

I looked forward to starting my housejob for quite a few reasons:

  • The pay, as little as it is, is much appreciated.
  • Wanted to get it over and done with so as to move on with my life.
  • I welcomed the challenge of being a blogger and a practicing doctor.
  • Needed to put my clinical experience to work before all the data I acquired in medical school wiped off from my memory.
  • Meet new people. I am not the most friendly person out there but recently, I find it interesting to meet new people and of course make new friends.

After reading all these reasons, you would think I was overly eager to start housejob right?

But that was not the case. I started housejob 10 months after I finished medical school (had I stayed back in Ghana, I would have started 2 months after school but that’s not today’s story). So back to my point, I could have started earlier than I did but remember the reasons above,  so although I was looking forward to starting house job, I wasn’t willing to work for free because it contradicted no 1 and I dared not work outside Abuja because of nos 2 & 3. It took a while to get what I wanted but I wasn’t pertubed because I was 100% convinced that Gods got me.

tales of a new houseofficer

I’m currently doing my housejob at Maitama District Hospital (MDH) and I must confess that I’m loving it; the stress, the copy and paste (if you watched my weekend vlog, you would understand this) and of course the people. The stress is tolerable because it’s a secondary institution and therefore has less stressors than a teaching hospital for example. I’m still trying to find a balance between being a doctor and a blogger but I think I’m a step closer to figuring it all out.

The work load (as a house officer) is not overwhelming, thankfully, so I believe I’ll find that balance sooner than later. Although some days I just feel like picking up my bags and running away. Just call off the whole ‘damn’ show but I won’t cos na the work wey we dey do.

house officer in nigeria

I’m currently in the Paediatrics posting, gonna be there for the next two months. I was initially dreading this department because we have a bitter-sweet relationship ie I have never really appreciated paediatrics as a branch of medicine. To me, paediatrics is synonymous with terror but on the other hand, I love cute babies. And the children that we see here are just the cutest chubby little munchkins. It seems their mothers feed them with baby fertilizer lol..just joking.

I thought being a house officer in Paediatrics was going to be annoying to say the least but I’ve got awesome colleagues who make it seem like a scoop of ice cream…easy. Shout out to you guys! I luy’all.

house officer at maitama district hospital

As for the copy and paste, go watch my weekend vlog video.

Now to the people (staff)…I have met so many characters in this hospital. A lot of them are really nice and would go out of their way to help out, and a few are just plain a**o****. And then there is (are) the eye candy (ies) *clears throat*. I have some gist for you guys but hmmm let’s just head on over to snapchat; PHIEEPHIEE, add me up and let’s have fun. “All work without play makes the doctor a boring one…LBJ.”

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