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Nigeria decides 2019

Another season of change || Nigeria Decides 2019

Nigeria’s 2019 presidential elections is in less than 24 hours. In less than 24 hours, Nigeria decides what she wants her future to be. I was talking to a friend about future plans and he let me know without mincing words that his future plans were based on the results of this elections. I was so surprised at his response…

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nigerian independence day

Nigeria is 58 today!

Although I wrote an independence day post last year, I did not plan on writing one this year, but I woke up today feeling patriotic. Nigerian Independence Day 2018* Let me make this statement first, NIGERIA IS A GREAT NATION, despite it’s economic challenges and political instability. Despite the fact that if an average Nigerian is given the opportunity to…

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paediatrics posting in nigeria

70 days in Paediatrics Posting | Housejob in Nigeria

WOW! How time flies. I remember clearly my first day on the job. In fact, it feels like I started this whole housejob journey just yesterday. Thursday marked my 70th day in Paediatrics posting. #mamaImadeit. Paediatrics was one rotation I was not looking forward to starting but it happened to be my very first rotation. Who would’ve thought that I…

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housejob at maitama district hospital

Tales of a House Officer in Nigeria

A house officer (in Nigeria) is a doctor who is doing a compulsory one year internship (called housejob), by working in one of the recognised health institutions Read medicine they said. It’s a professional course they said. A doctor would always have a job they said. Doctors are paid well…they said. They said so many things about medicine and well,…

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Unemployment in Nigeria |The Working Nigerian Series

Welcome to the second part of this series. Today we are going to discuss employment/unemployment. Personally I think the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very high. I said personally because I don’t have any research to back up my claim. Imagine a country where PhD holders are still looking for jobs. It’s quite sad when you think about it.…

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the working nigerian

The Working Nigerian Series. Part 1

I was having a conversation with a friend and it got me thinking “is Nigeria really ready for change?” We claim we want change but are we ready to embrace it? This is the first in this series, hopefully with many more to come. Today I’ll be discussing the possibility of the pay per hour system vs the fixed monthly…

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