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a bloggers fantasy

A Blogger’s fantasy

Hi darlings, So as I was told, I was having a bit of writers inertia. But for you to be reading this post, I OVERCAME…HAALLELUYAH!!!  I had been so out of touch with writing that whenever I got close to my working station, I remembered that I had someother ‘not so important’ thing I had to do immediately. This kept…

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Start from where you are (+ Blogging tips)

Started blogging in the last few moments of Uni (you would think that’s a great thing right, considering how much support I would get from the Uni community…but wrong). My Uni was in Cape Coast. For those of you that have been to Ghana, Cape Coast to be precise, I’m sure you are beginning to get the point. It’s like…

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my medical school story

My Medical School Story; The Journey

As some of you have noticed, I have been away from social media and my blog for the past couple of weeks. That’s because I was preparing for my medical school final exams. But now that I’m done with my exams and all the stress of medical school, I’m 100% back. So sit back, relax and let me take you through…

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