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casterly rock game of thrones

Game of thrones Locations you can visit

Game of thrones shot some scenes in Spain and it has been very awe-inspiring to look at these locations. Some of these locations are places that are not commonly known and would be great places to visit during a holiday, especially with the help of Travelstart Nigeria I’m sure you will be able to identify some of the scenes associated…

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chief daddy

CHIEF DADDY movie review | A Nigerian blockbuster

Nigerian movies are have gone past those days where everything was stereotyped and very predictable. Story-lines are now better, outfits and makeup are now on point, the logistics generally has improved. CHIEF DADDY… Went to the cinema to see this one. I got there just as the movie was about to start. Movie was worth every penny (although I didn’t…

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neewer nw-670 speedlite

Neewer NW-670 speedlite for canon photography

Thought it was high time to take my photography to the next level, I watched several YouTube videos on the best budget speedlite, then the search began. I use a canon camera and the plan is to invest in canon gear, so I searched for canon speedlites but the prices were outrageous, at least for me. Imagine getting a speedlite…

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ishakool hotel penthouse

Timeout at Ishakool suites and apartment

Moving from one city to another can be a bit of a hassle especially if you don’t have the right accommodation. I had the opportunity to experience firsthand, the services Ishakool had to offer. Let’s take a sneak peak shall we: Ishakool suites and apartment is tailored for the business minded and gives you the luxury to unwind after a…

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best internet in abuja

Best Internet Service Provider in Abuja

This is an update to my previous post; Best Internet Provider in Nigeria. Since I wrote the previous version of this post, a lot has changed. Internet in Nigeria (in my opinion) is generally expensive. So one has to wonder how to use video apps like Netflix, DSTV now, YouTube, or social media apps like Instagram & Snapchat. These apps…

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garnier mineral antiperspirant

Garnier Mineral Antiperspirant; the best deodorant?

Fascinated about the Garnier mineral antiperspirant? Read all about it in this post. It always amazes me when I meet people who do not sweat in their armpits but rather on their palms. I consider them very fortunate because they can easily wash their hands and get rid of the sweat. It doesn’t stain their clothes or leave a mark…how…

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yves rocher

Yves Rocher hydra vegetal | A facial routine that works

Yves Rocher is a french brand (originating from France) that specializes in a variety of specialized skin care products. I never really saw the importance of facial routines till a couple of weeks ago when I started breaking out. I was reacting to basically everything I used (I guess my skin was tired of all those chemicals). The confusing thing…

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