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Welcome to 2019 | The year of Lights

  WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF LIGHTS! Disclaimer: This post is densely packed with words that would take you to the next level, all you have to do is BELIEVE. HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLINGS. This year, may you experience unusual finances, growth, prosperity and power. This year 2019, may you function with clarity, refinement, innovation and sound judgement in all…

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harmattan season in nigeria

Harmattan season in Nigeria

Christmas Christmas time is near… Time for toys and time for cheer… It’ that time of the year again but hold up… 2017 is almost over?! We are going to be entering a new year in less than 30 days. As the year comes to an end, we tend to reflect on how we spent the time, the opportunities we…

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world cerebral palsy day 2017

World Cerebral Palsy Day. All you need to know

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the leading cause of childhood disability affecting function and development. It is a group of conditions that occur due to abnormalities of the developing fetal or infantile brain. This impairment results from varying degrees of limitations in functional abilities and activity. These abnormalities include motor impairment, altered sensation or perception, intellectual disability, communication and behavioural difficulties,…

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springtime in september

September is Springtime

HAPPY NEW MONTH I know this is coming a bit late but better late than never right? Last week, I posted a picture on Instagram and the caption was ‘September is springtime’. I guess a lot of people did not understand what I meant by that because a friend commented ‘its fall’. Springtime in this case does not refer to…

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Rev Tom in Abuja

A face-to-face meeting | Rev Tom in Abuja

Now about today’s post, I’m not even sure where to start from because I am so excited to be writing about this. It’s an honor. I just got home from church, service was with Rev Tom and it was aweeee-awesome. Pause…let’s start from the beginning. On Saturday, I had to go to the airport to pickup my darling brother. He…

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Start from where you are (+ Blogging tips)

Started blogging in the last few moments of Uni (you would think that’s a great thing right, considering how much support I would get from the Uni community…but wrong). My Uni was in Cape Coast. For those of you that have been to Ghana, Cape Coast to be precise, I’m sure you are beginning to get the point. It’s like…

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how to stay positive

How to stay positive

Hello everyone. HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Hope y’all are having an awesome week. Can u believe Christmas is right around the corner?! We are in December already; the final chapter of 2016. This period is when people usually reflect on the year; their accomplishments, their successes, their achievements, what they could do to improve on their ‘game’. This is also the period…

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