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casterly rock game of thrones

Game of thrones Locations you can visit

Game of thrones shot some scenes in Spain and it has been very awe-inspiring to look at these locations. Some of these locations are places that are not commonly known and would be great places to visit during a holiday, especially with the help of Travelstart Nigeria I’m sure you will be able to identify some of the scenes associated…

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neewer nw-670 speedlite

Neewer NW-670 speedlite for canon photography

Thought it was high time to take my photography to the next level, I watched several YouTube videos on the best budget speedlite, then the search began. I use a canon camera and the plan is to invest in canon gear, so I searched for canon speedlites but the prices were outrageous, at least for me. Imagine getting a speedlite…

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ishakool hotel penthouse

Timeout at Ishakool suites and apartment

Moving from one city to another can be a bit of a hassle especially if you don’t have the right accommodation. I had the opportunity to experience firsthand, the services Ishakool had to offer. Let’s take a sneak peak shall we: Ishakool suites and apartment is tailored for the business minded and gives you the luxury to unwind after a…

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zaron healty glow foundation

Zaron healthy glow foundation

The search to find the right foundation is real. There is a wide range of foundation out there for different skin types. But for me the right foundation is one that: gives me the right fit; not too ashy and not overly yellow, just right for my skin tone has the right price; not too expensive and won’t make me…

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style shoot in asokoro abuja

Street style photography

Thinking of street style photography? Then continue reading… I consider myself a pretty good photographer, whether using a phone, a point-and-shoot camera, a DSLR, or a mirrorless camera. If you have been an LBJ reader for a while now, you would know I take more than 70% of my pictures myself. I have never had to pay a photographer to…

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self potraits taken with a remote camera

How to have a successful lone photoshoot

A photoshoot does not have to be expensive. I had a great time taking these pictures. Picked three different locations for the shoot The street A leisure park A building site To have a successful lone photoshoot, you need: a camera a tripod a smartphone Street style photography The tripod was the most important accessory here because there was no one to…

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