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casterly rock game of thrones

Game of thrones Locations you can visit

Game of thrones shot some scenes in Spain and it has been very awe-inspiring to look at these locations. Some of these locations are places that are not commonly known and would be great places to visit during a holiday, especially with the help of Travelstart Nigeria I’m sure you will be able to identify some of the scenes associated…

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neewer nw-670 speedlite

Neewer NW-670 speedlite for canon photography

Thought it was high time to take my photography to the next level, I watched several YouTube videos on the best budget speedlite, then the search began. I use a canon camera and the plan is to invest in canon gear, so I searched for canon speedlites but the prices were outrageous, at least for me. Imagine getting a speedlite…

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how to take instagram pictures

How to take Instagram pictures on a budget

Over time, I have come to realize that being a blogger and being active on social media go hand-in-hand. I only recently started paying attention to my Instagram account. There are so many inspiring accounts on Instagram and sometimes I wonder why mine looks the way it does. More than once, I got inspired to work on my Instagram ‘career’…

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first wedding ever

Attending my first wedding ever

Hi darlings, This is the first post of 2018 and it’s an exciting one. I know it’s a bit difficult to believe but this is my first wedding attendance. I got to find out that it was a tradition for the ‘maker of the cake’ to make a speech of how the cake was prepared and what each component of…

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lifestylebyjanet blogging experience

My blogging experience | Milestone achieved

LBJ One year anniversary: my blogging experience Been waiting for this moment, this day, for a long while and it’s finally here. I remember when I was still trying to pick out a name for the blog, the brouhaha I went through. I remember I kept writing possible blog names on pieces of paper to see what they would look…

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a bloggers fantasy

A Blogger’s fantasy

Hi darlings, So as I was told, I was having a bit of writers inertia. But for you to be reading this post, I OVERCAME…HAALLELUYAH!!!  I had been so out of touch with writing that whenever I got close to my working station, I remembered that I had someother ‘not so important’ thing I had to do immediately. This kept…

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Weekend vlog

Weekend Vlog + Update

It’s been a while you heard from me, I am very aware and I’m sorry about that. To make up for it, I decided to vlog my activities during the past weekend. The video is attached below and if you watch till the end, it explains why I have been unavailable the past week. But hey, I’m back now. ENJOY!!!…

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