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a bloggers fantasy

A Blogger’s fantasy

Hi darlings, So as I was told, I was having a bit of writers inertia. But for you to be reading this post, I OVERCAME…HAALLELUYAH!!!  I had been so out of touch with writing that whenever I got close to my working station, I remembered that I had someother ‘not so important’ thing I had to do immediately. This kept…

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yves rocher

Yves Rocher hydra vegetal | A facial routine that works

Yves Rocher is a french brand (originating from France) that specializes in a variety of specialized skin care products. I never really saw the importance of facial routines till a couple of weeks ago when I started breaking out. I was reacting to basically everything I used (I guess my skin was tired of all those chemicals). The confusing thing…

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a touch of red

A touch of Red || A pictorial

This post contains mainly pictures detailing a photo shoot with a touch of red. With Love, Janet. You can follow me on social media: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE Feel free to contact me via any of the links above. Or send an e-mail to INFO@LIFESTYLEBYJANET.COM

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apple iphone x

My experience with Apple and the iPhone X

iPhone X … phone of the century??? So I just had to write a post about these brand new iPhones. Have you seen them??? Now I know a lot of you are die hard Apple fans while others would not trade in their androids for anything. Don’t worry, I got all the perspectives covered. My history with Apple products Once…

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zaron healty glow foundation

Zaron healthy glow foundation

The search to find the right foundation is real. There is a wide range of foundation out there for different skin types. But for me the right foundation is one that: gives me the right fit; not too ashy and not overly yellow, just right for my skin tone has the right price; not too expensive and won’t make me…

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The Society we live in

The Pressures of Society have caused a lot of changes in our current world; both for the good and the not so good. These days a lot of people don’t really care about morals, they prefer what is in vogue. It doesn’t really matter what the cost is, it’s come down to “if we want it, we gotta have it”…

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