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Most times we want to wear stylish footwear and still be comfortable at the same time. Being a heel lover, this is usually not achievable because well, most of my heels are uncomfortable. Most times does not mean all the time though because in today’s post, style meets comfort.

comfortable block heels with lipstick

Today’s featured item is a pair of wide fit two part block heeled sandals by New look. To find a balance between these two essential elements (style and comfort), consider:

  • stepping down your heels from a 5/6″ to a 4″ heels or lower
  • switching out your pencil heels for block heels
  • depending on your pedicure situation, try footwear that show your toes, that way you can avoid the pain caused by ‘squeezing all your toes together’ in a closed footwear.

To stay stylish, ensure the colours you chose are interesting and don’t forget to pair the footwear with an outfit that stands out but also complements the shoes.


style meets comfort

Hope these few tips help you stay stylish and comfortable. Remember style does not mean popular. Style is what you say it is.

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  • Makafui January 4, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    The lifestyle blogger has spoken…good points there👆👆👆👍👍👍


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