thinking if to wear heals or flats

Does a lady have to attend special events and social gatherings in heels? Is this an unsaid rule or do we ladies just decide to make ourselves uncomfortable at those times?

Sometimes you see a lady in heels who you can clearly tell is suffering in silence. Some are so awkward that you begin to feel uncomfortable for them. When I see such situations, the question I ask myself is “but did they force you to wear it?”

I am not in anyway criticizing ladies that wear heels because I am a heel lover myself. Of course, I have made some wrong moves where I wore heels to events that would have been better attended in flats. Now, why did I do that?

If you are a heel lover like myself and want to attend all those events in your heels, they do not have to be uncomfortable all the time. There are some comfortable shoes out there but I guess people just prefer to follow certain fashion trends. You can still be stylish in comfortable heels, check out my post STYLE MEETS COMFORT to know how.

Recently, I wore flats to a Sunday service and it felt so good. Haven’t done that in a really long while, and I realized what I had been missing.

stumbling in heels blog post

heels vs flats, whats your preference

thinking if to wear heals or flats

all white dress and marron flats

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picture at christ embassy durumi abuja

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