style shoot in asokoro abuja

Thinking of street style photography? Then continue reading…

I consider myself a pretty good photographer, whether using a phone, a point-and-shoot camera, a DSLR, or a mirrorless camera. If you have been an LBJ reader for a while now, you would know I take more than 70% of my pictures myself. I have never had to pay a photographer to take pictures of/for me…what are friends for *wink* Besides I have a cool camera, a tripod and a smartphone, ergo I can produce beautiful pictures without much ado.

If you haven’t seen my post explaining how to have a photo shoot all by yourself, here it is how to have a photoshoot by yourself. If you’re considering street style photography, the location of your shoot , your outfit and of course your personal style are the keys to beautiful shots. The numerous free editing software available is just the icing on the cake. If you don’t like the way the picture looks, what are you waiting for?! Just edit it.

Thanks to my friend Chinny, this shoot was a so much fun. I picked out the locations, the outfits (although it didn’t work out as planned, but we made do) and the concepts I wanted to create. We started off in Asokoro…

street style photo shoot

asokoro abuja

street style photography in asokoro abuja

style shoot in asokoro abuja

street style photography

As we were leaving Asokoro, Chinny and I drove past our Alma mata; New Capital School and we couldn’t resist taking pictures of the place, we just had to stop for some shots.

New Capital School, Asokoro Abuja

new capital school

New Capital School, Asokoro

Excited old NCS girl

New Capital Schools

The school has undergone a total transformation. Chinny actually didn’t notice we were driving past our primary school, I had to point it out to her. We felt like pioneers of the school, I mean we attended the school in the 90’s. It was such an exciting moment to be back there.

We eventually moved to Peggys Point Maitama (which is coincidentally located opposite my work place)

peggys point maitama abuja

maitama style shoot

street style photography at peggys point abuja

I’m looking forward to having professional makeup done at my next shoot. So holla at your girl if you wanna use my beautiful face as your muse.

That’s it guys. Have an amazing weekend. Muah…

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