session presentation at i am nigeria socal media conference

The Social Media Conference was aimed at National transformation through social media. I was contacted to moderate one of the sessions for the conference. I had never done anything like that before but I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone. As the D-day approached I was tempted to back out but was encouraged by friends and family to go ahead and moderate the session. If you follow me on social media, you would have seen this picture there:

social media conference nigeria

I was initially reluctant to put up the picture on social media but I wanted to create some awareness for the programme, so I had to post it. It was later that I realized I made the right decision because friends started reaching out to me and giving me some encouragement to go ahead; otherwise I probably would have backed out. Thanks I am Nigeria for believing I could do it.

Mr Echezona Okoye and Mr Victor Okwuadi

Mr Echezona Okoye and Mr Victor Okwuadi


The conference was to start at 9am but it seems Nigerian time applies irrespective because it started at 10am instead. The attendance was actually quite impressive, not just the numbers but the caliber of people that attended.

social media conference 2017 cross section of guests

Cross section of the guests

The host/anchor person; Mr Olamide Johnson did a pretty good job at making everyone feel at ease. The programme was kicked off with the National anthem. After we all took our seats, Mr Johnson made us get up to sing the National anthem again, but this time around we were to sing to the person standing next to us.

Mr Olamide Johnson

Mr Olamide Johnson


Singing the National anthem

Singing the National anthem


Singing the National anthem to ourselves

Singing the National anthem to ourselves

He said with the Big Brother Naija saga that occured in South Africa, he didn’t trust that we actually knew the words of the anthem. He also made us walk up to those around us to get acquainted.

greetings at social media conference 2017


There was a beautiful performance by Ayoola

ayoola presenting at i am nigeria conference


A heartfelt performance by Seth Ogahi

seth presenting at i am nigeria social media conference


A presentation by the event’s official sponsor; Ethiopian airlines

Ethiopian airlines at i am nigeria conference

We had very sincere, uncensored speeches from the special guests

  • Sen. Buhari Abdulfatai
  • Charlyboy
Sen. Abdulfatai at nigeria social media conference

Sen. Abdulfatai on the extreme right


Charlyboy at i am nigeria social media conference

Charlyboy at the conference

Spoken word performance by Bash Amuneni

bash presenting at i am nigeria conference



There were four (4) sessions, each having a topic to discuss.

  1. National transformation through arts
  2. Leveraging the power of the media for National transformation
  3. Spearheading transformation through CSR
  4. National transformation through community service
Panel discussing National transformation through arts

First session of the social media conference


session presentation at i am nigeria socal media conference

From left to right: Myself, Mr Kalada Hart, Mr Benard Gbadamasi aka Dr Koboko, Mr Ivoke Philip Ivoke

session presentation at i am nigeria media conference

Third session

Amazing thing is that I actually had a great time. I think I was a natural (if I may say so myself). I should put myself out there more often. Might even decide to go into politics *just joking or not*

At the end of my session, I was pleasantly surprised to get several compliments from different people, confirming what I thought “I am a natural”. So if you are reading this and you would like me to do something similar for an upcoming event, just send me an email:


I am Nigeria award presentation 1

I am Nigeria award presentation 2

I am Nigeria award presentation 3



I can truly say I learnt a lot by attending this conference plus I had a good time. I also made quite a number of friends.

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