september update

Hi lovelies,

Wanna catch you up on events so far.

Moved back to Nigeria just a week ago with the plan of starting housejob (one year internship for newly graduated doctors) as soon as posssible.

Can’t say that there is much going on here. Everyone is complaining that the economy is bad and all the blame seems to be on one man (scratch that) entity. It doesn’t seem right to use the word ‘man’ for someone that seems to be causing all this havoc…it can only be an entity. Rumour has it that people have committed suicide because they can no longer deal with the hardships of this nation. I can only imagine what those people went through to get to the point of taking their lives. I can also only imagine how much people are still suffering.

This is to you out there “hold on, be strong. Things may seem so unbearable now but trust that it would get better. Trust God, He’s got you”

If you know anyone out there who is facing difficulties, help out as much as possible. A kind word, some encouragement, financial assistance, spiritual motivation…these could make a big difference.

Let’s pray for a better Nigeria

With Love…

phiephiee ?