Rev Tom in Abuja

Now about today’s post, I’m not even sure where to start from because I am so excited to be writing about this. It’s an honor. I just got home from church, service was with Rev Tom and it was aweeee-awesome.

Pause…let’s start from the beginning. On Saturday, I had to go to the airport to pickup my darling brother. He was coming in with Air peace from Lagos. The flight was delayed (as usual) for 30minutes (officially) but in reality it was delayed for over 2 hours. I got to the airport around the time his flight was meant to be on ground, so you can imagine I had quite a long time to wait for him.

As I was seated on one of those ‘seating blocks’ at the airport patiently waiting for him, I could sense something was happening. People began moving up and down, some men literally ran out of the airport to coordinate things outside and some official were also with them trying to direct affairs before the person or people stepped out of the arrival hall. It was then it dawned on me that someone important was about to come out of the arrival hall. The blogger in me instinctively brought out my phone and turned on the camera, ready to capture it all.

Before all the movement began, I noticed there was a convoy parked just behind where I was seated and all the engines were running. I know this because I was seated very close to one and the heat from the engine was very discomforting, so I had to move to another spot, which wasn’t much better because the sun was also out. Standing by me were two gentlemen who were discussing some things about ministry, I wasn’t eaves dropping because they were loud enough for anyone around them to hear. It was after a while I realized they were Christ Embassy members (one was actually a pastor).

I was so excited about it, I really felt like going to introduce myself. Like “hello, I overheard you discussing and I got to know you are Christ Embassy members. I also attend Christ Embassy; the ┬áchurch in Durumi to be precise” but I guess I ‘chickened’ out because I remained seated and continued going through my Instagram feed.

Back to the blogger instinct in me, as I held my phone out with Snapchat ready to roll, I heard someone ask one of the officials ‘who is coming?’, and naturally I extended my auditory antennas to hear who I’d have the privilege to capture on my phone. Once I heard the response ‘Rev Tom’ ah! I almost jumped up but I had to seat calmly, compose myself and of course hold my phone even tighter, ready to capture the moment.

It all happened so fast, the 10 sec video below captures some moments of it.

It felt so good to know I had captured Rev. Tom, like a face-to face video experience, it was awesome. It made the long wait for my darling brother feel worth it.


I woke up so excited to go to Church, knowing service was going to be great (and it indeed was). Here are some of the moments I was able to capture.

reverend tom christ embassy

rev tom christ embassy

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P.S. If after reading this post, you still haven’t gotten the gist of it all, don’t worry, I’ll gladly tell you. Rev Tom is now the new pastor of the Abuja zonal church…Gloorryyy!!! Come fellowship with us at Christ Embassy Durumi, near American Int’l school Durumi. Sunday services hold @7am and 10am respectively. Wednesday services hold @12noon (lunch-hour service) and 6pm. Hope to see you there…