reachout nigeria 2017

October 1st 2017 marked the 57th anniversary of the great nation, Nigeria. This day was celebrated across the country by various tribes and people alike. The event was marked by the use of the colours green-white-green . These colours were found on peoples clothing, accessories, shoes and even make-up.

independence day costume independence day attire independence day makeup

Some celebrated this event more than others. Christ embassy churches went all out to mark this great occasion. As is their custom every Independence day (October 1st) and the days following, Christ Embassy members distribute several copies of their daily devotional “Rhapsody of Realities”.

reachout nigeria 2017


2017 marks the 10th anniversary of this yearly distribution (Reachout Nigeria).

If you still haven’t gotten your own hard-copy of this devotional, you can grab an e-copy now by clicking this link HERE It’s available in 8 different languages. You can share this post with others and ask them to download their own copies in the language of their choice.

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