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Natural hair care with Marley Twists

A lot of people are going natural these days. There are two main ways to go natural:

  • the Big Chop ie. cut off everything at once
  • Transitioning ie. gradually cut off the relaxed hair over time till it’s left with just natural hair

Whether you transition or do the big chop, it’s a bold move. I went natural a couple of years ago. Four years to be precise,  but who’s counting! I love my natural hair and have no plans of getting it relaxed anytime soon. I just wish there was more of it to love, but don’t we all.


4c natural hair

Over time, I have come to realize that most people believe natural hair care is expensive, well, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, I have been through the product junkie phase, where I bought any and everything recommended by a naturalista. I watched several YouTube videos to find out what products would help me achieve particular results. I bought several products but found out they don’t really make a difference.

Don’t let me wander from today’s post, which is about protective styling.

Protective styles (as the name implies) are styles that help protect your natural hair from the harsh environmental conditions and manipulation. This helps to reduce breakage and to retain length, leading to longer, healthier natural hair.

I had washed my hair and wanted a little break from the wig lifestyle, so I decided to change up my look with Marley twists. When it comes to hair, if I can Do It Myself, I do not see the need for a salon *wink*.

protective styles for africans

I learnt how to do my Marley twists sometime ago by watching YouTube videos. Let’s just say I was highly motivated. It’s actually a funny story and you can read it here. I usually use SUPREME AFRO TWIST for my marley twists but this time around I decided to use a different hair piece; NOBLE AFRO BRAID (plus it didn’t hurt that it was cheaper).

I used almost 2 packs of the NOBLE hairpiece to achieve this look. I divided each piece of hair into two parts and with each part I twisted my way to a fabulous protective hairstyle.

marley twist protective style

It took me abut 7 hours, spread over 2 days (Friday and Saturday) to get the twists all done.

The great thing about my Marley twists is that I use the INVISIBLE method to install them. This method relieves the roots of all tension, keeping my hair SAFE. Also, I can easily wash my hair , I actually did that this morning and it dried up really fast.

protective hair styling

If you are reading this and you are rocking natural hair, what are your go-to protective styles? If your hair is relaxed, that’s ok but tell us, what you think of natural hair? Please leave your comments in the ‘leave a reply’ section below.

Have an amazing weekend. #TGIF

natural hair photoshoot

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