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LBJ One year anniversary: my blogging experience

Been waiting for this moment, this day, for a long while and it’s finally here. I remember when I was still trying to pick out a name for the blog, the brouhaha I went through. I remember I kept writing possible blog names on pieces of paper to see what they would look like when the site finally went up. lol I was always pestering my brother to pick between the names I had in mind. When I finally decided on the one I wanted; Lifestyle by Janet, I started playing around with graphics. I made several designs and it was almost an internal war trying to figure out which one I liked best.

Well, I finally launched my site and I was so excited people could now see my online prescence but boy, was I wrong. The site was live quite alright but everything seemed to be going wrong. It was nothing close to what I expected it to look like. I pulled an all nighter trying to fix everything before people realized things weren’t right. Fast forward to when everything was set up to my taste…it was fun writing the posts, knowing that several people were going to read it and that it was going to make a difference.

My early blogging experience

I started off with writing about what I knew, so most of my posts were personal; born out of my own experiences. But with time, I diversified a little, included tips on beauty, fashion, health, etc although I miss those personal stories. My focus for my first year of blogging was to produce good content and of course publicize my ‘brand’/blog, which I have done pretty well (if I may say so myself) although there is always room for improvement.

Now WE have clocked one year, there is a lot more work to be done. Lifestyle by Janet (LBJ) has so much potential and this is just the beginning. With time you guys would get to know more.

one year blogging experience

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lifestyle by janet one year anniversary

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