Nigeria is 58 today!

nigerian independence day

Although I wrote an independence day post last year, I did not plan on writing one this year, but I woke up today feeling patriotic. Nigerian Independence Day 2018*

nigeria independence day

Let me make this statement first, NIGERIA IS A GREAT NATION, despite it’s economic challenges and political instability. Despite the fact that if an average Nigerian is given the opportunity to leave the country right now, he/she would jump at it.

There is so much happening in the country right now and we have come to the point where all these occurrences, howbeit negative, have become the norm. Nobody seems to be interested in making a change anymore or better still, people are afraid of speaking out less they become a victim for telling the truth. People are tired of the promise and fail attitude of the government.

Have you ever wondered how another country would cope if they were in Nigeria’s shoes? Nigerians are strong people, resilient!

nigeria independence day celebration

We seem to rise above everything this country is facing. Yes, there are people who have it worse than others but that is why we should try our possible best to help out one another. There is a lot of criticism and blame going around. people are blaming the government for misfortunes that have no ties to the government. How about taking some responsibility for your actions?!

You say there is corruption in Nigeria but you ‘intentionally’ forget that you bribed someone just yesterday?!

You say the leaders are not helping the people but you also don’t help those that need your help?!

I could go on and on with these examples.

This is a WAKE UP CALL, we can create the Nigeria we want. If you think ‘those at the top’ would not let the necessary changes take place, how about PRAYING for them. I’m not referring to the kind of prayer that you make and forget about. Earnestly pray for them “…the prayers of a righteous man availeth much…” Don’t forget, you don’t criticize those you are praying for.


With Love,


nigeria at 58


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