Nigeria decides 2019

Nigeria’s 2019 presidential elections is in less than 24 hours. In less than 24 hours, Nigeria decides what she wants her future to be.

I was talking to a friend about future plans and he let me know without mincing words that his future plans were based on the results of this elections. I was so surprised at his response that I asked for him to throw some light on his answer.

Now my friend is also a young medical doctor with a bright future ahead of him. His explanation goes thus: He’s not putting his life on hold, neither is he making any new or big decisions till the results of the elections are announced. Why? because if Candidate A wins, Nigeria’s futureĀ  is …well, very uncertain to say the least (his words not mine) and if Candidate B wins, Nigeria would make a come back and things can be good again.

So if Candidate A wins, my friend is booking a one way ticket outta this country to anywhere else and not looking back but if Candidate B wins, he’s gonna stay in Nigeria and in his own words “WE DIE HERE”.


As the election day approaches, get your Permanent Voters Card (PVC)s ready, prepare to go out there and make a difference. Don’t stay at home thinking that ‘afterall the results have been prepared irrespective of the votes’. Having said all this, do not forget the power of prayer this season. These are sensitive times as Nigeria decides.


I’ve seen so many memes on social media talking about leaving Nigeria to Canada. At a point, I got so concerned about this Canada movement that I had to ask people if Canada suddenly opened their gates to Nigerians.

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If you have seen my 20 THINGS ABOUT ME VIDEO, you would know that part of my long-term plan is working in the UK.

And don’t worry, these cheap flights to London offers would still be valid irrespective of the result of the elections.

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