neewer nw-670 speedlite

Thought it was high time to take my photography to the next level, I watched several YouTube videos on the best budget speedlite, then the search began. I use a canon camera and the plan is to invest in canon gear, so I searched for canon speedlites but the prices were outrageous, at least for me. Imagine getting a speedlite that costs almost as much as my camera…thank you, next!

I decided to look for alternative brands that would work with a canon camera. Among the several brands I saw, the ones that stood out were Godox and Neewer. Godox was a bit over my budget so I decided to go for Neewer.

If you are an ardent reader of the blog, you would know that my camera is my baby, but now I think I have a second baby…my speedlite *wink*

neewer speedlite

The Neewer NW-670 speedlite is a delight to use. I was initially a bit skeptical about buying it because the description I saw on amazon was “Neewer nw-670 speedlite for canon DSLR”. Now my camera is a mirrorless not a DSLR, so I wasn’t sure the speedlite was gonna work very well with it, but I decided to take the chance and I’m glad I did.

This speedlite works with any canon camera; mirrorless or DSLR. I didn’t film an unboxing video, so I’ll just have to describe it to you.

I ordered the speedlite from Amazon using the MALL FOR AFRICA app. The item arrived 10days later and per MFA standards, the item was neatly packaged and in good shape. When I got home, I just couldn’t wait to unbox my speedlite, it was as if Christmas came early for me.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • it uses 4 AA batteries
  • has  a screw-on lock button that helps it stay on the camera
  • can tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 270 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right
  • it has 6 pins that sit on the camera hot shoe (this makes the TTL mode seamless)
  • The zoom range of the speedlite is 14-105mm, pretty good huh?!
  • It has a pilot button with which you can fire a test hot to see how bright the light is.

The speedlite itself is bigger than my camera body, but altogether, the weight is manageable. The Neewer NW-670 speedlite performs really well with my camera (Canon EOS M3). It has different modes:

  • TTL: this is an auto mode where the output of the speedlite is adjusted automatically based on the camera’s settings.
  • Manual (M): here you have to set the speedlite yourself
  • Slave 1(S1) & Slave 2(S2): here the power output of the speedlite is secondary to another speedlite output. ie it flashes only after it has seen the flash from another speedlite
  • Stroboscopic mode; which I’m yet to explore

I’m so excited about this speedlite, I know it may not seem like much but I feel like I’m a step away from opening my own studio lol…watch out Abuja photographers, I’m coming for your clients.

I use the speedlite for events and personal use. The 1st time I used it was at an event and boy I wasn’t ready…I used the Panasonic recargeable AA batteries (which were fully charged by the way) but about 30 mins/20 pictures later, the low battery indicator was on. Just had to switch to normal AA alkaline batteries, which lasted the whole event. Safe to say those rechargeable batteries were not powerful enough. Overall though, when I use a new set of alkaline batteries, it lasts for a full event and I don’t need a battery change.

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