The last time was in November 2014, so it’s been almost two years. Why u ask? Well, it all started like this…

I booked an appointment with him and on the D-day, I went there but to my surprise, he didn’t show up. I called him, only for him to tell me he had traveled. What!! I felt so disappointed, especially because I was traveling the next day. So, I went back home, brought out my tablet and searched YouTube for tutorials on making marley twists. Yes marley twists…what were you thinking??

I watched a couple of videos and I felt I had gotten a hang of it. I took out my hair piece and stared twisting away, guess what? It turned out alright. Since then I told myself I had no use of salons anymore, besides I could save a couple of cedis by doing my hair myself.

The washing, twist outs, bantu knots, styling, twisting, installing braids…I did them all. Those of you that know me personally are always asking me how I do it, this goes to show you how far you can go if you are motivated.

Here’s a few of my hairstyles all done by me

diy natural twists

diy natural twists with extensions

But I decided to put all my skills aside and go to a salon a few days ago, all in preparation for my upcoming graduation/induction ceremony…yipeee. I’m very excited about the salon trip but on the other hand I feel I’m cheating on myself.

To be continued…

With Love,


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