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Hello everyone. HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!

Hope y’all are having an awesome week. Can u believe Christmas is right around the corner?! We are in December already; the final chapter of 2016.

This period is when people usually reflect on the year; their accomplishments, their successes, their achievements, what they could do to improve on their ‘game’.

This is also the period people set new targets for themselves. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. It’s the PAST. Don’t let that stop you from moving forward. Set your goals, dream big. Bigger than you did the past year.

This brings me to today’s topic…positivity

smile of positivity

As the year runs out, people tend to remember all the goals they did not achieve, all the targets they did not meet. It’s not too late and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have 31 more days to make a difference.

keep staying positive

Just recently, my dad brought something to my attention. He told me “it’s not a problem when someone falls, it only becomes a problem if the person refuses to rise again”. You not achieving all you set out to achieve isn’t an issue but if you make up your mind to give up or if you just stop putting in any effort, then you are indeed setting yourself up for failure.

Like I said in my previous my post Don’t give up…be encouraged! and I’ll keep on saying, “stay away from negative people, distance yourself from those who think or tell you that you can’t do it, run away from those who think your ‘big’ dreams are not realistic. These people cannot inspire you darling and trust me, you need inspiring people around you to help you achieve your goals.

positive files

Perhaps the reason you have not accomplished your set goals is because of the company you keep. Re-evaluate your friendships, relationships…are they healthy for you? Do they promote your growth? Would they help you become the best version of yourself? If the answer to these questions are no, my dear, take off your shoes and run…far far away to a healthy place.

walking away from negativity

But if the answer to these questions are yes, then nurture those relationships, cherish them. Don’t take advantage of them.

thinking of staying positive

Make the best of this year. 2016 has not ended yet, so don’t act like it has. A lot can still be accomplished in 31 days.



staying positive

With love…


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