Hi guys, wanna share a few thoughts on how to lose weight effectively. People have various reasons for trying to lose weight. Some do it to stay healthy, and others do it for, well, not health purposes.

The weight loss journey involves determination and hardwork. It’s not just about eating one meal a day or starving yourself all in the name of weight loss. Matter of fact, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and still lose weight. How do you go about it you ask…will tell you real soon.

Before you begin this journey, it’s important you set out your target/goals. This way, you will get to know if your methods are effective or not. To lose weight, you should be mindful of the food you eat and also exercise regularly.

Concerning the food, when I said be mindful of the food you eat, I mean the calories contained in the food. Yeah, it’s kind of difficult to know that but you can hazard a guess. If person A had fufu and soup for lunch and person B had veggies and some fish for lunch, it’s a no brainer that person A had more calories for lunch. There are more objective ways of measuring the calories you eat-there are several apps for that but I mean, do you really have the time to look up your food everytime? Well i don’t, besides I don’t think it is necessary because you can tell when you are loading yourself with calories. We all can tell but we just chose to ignore that voice by telling ourselves “Oh! It’s just for today” or making up some other excuse.

I think to really lose weight, you should cut down on the portions of food you eat at every meal and also try to eat healthy. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Sometimes it’s inevitable, junk food is the only thing available, so eat it in moderation.

Concerning the exercise, you gotta put in some work. I have heard people say that their exercise is walking, lol. Who are you trying to deceive? ! You have been walking for the past how many years of your life, so how, i mean how do you think that the walking you are doing now is gonna help you. Please don’t get me wrong, walking is a form of exercise if you actually set out time for it or you go out of your usual routine to put in some extra walk-time. But if you think that the walking you do as part of your usual routine (which you have been doing and becoming fat)┬áis gonna help you, you need a reality check.

Now we have gotten that out of the way, there are various ways to exercise. Walking, Jogging, Running, going to the gym, Swimming, Weight lifting and all the “acrobatics” we do at home are all forms of exercise. So just pick one that would fit into your routine. Ok, it might not for into your routine, so just pick one that you think you can stick with.

There is no shortcut to healthy weight loss. So avoid those drinks or pills which they say would make you thin. Put in some work and you would definitely see results. Did I mention that you need patience? I didn’t? Well you do, lots of it.

There it is guys, the reality of weight loss. Hope you enjoyed reading, hahaha. Well even if you didn’t, I know you have learnt something new and are motivated to lose weight the healthy way. Same time next week, it’s been fun. Lol

With lots of Love,


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