how to have a great day

Hi guys, what have you been up to? I hope y’all had a splendid week.

To have a great day, you have to start your day right. This means you have to fellowship with your heavenly father. Have your quiet time and spend time in your place of prayer. Don’t just hop off your bed, take a shower and step out of the house. A thousand and one things could go wrong for you, but if you have spent time in the place of prayer, you would realize that you day goes by so smoothly.

Let your outfit be on point. You don’t have to wear expensive or designer clothing to achieve this. You can have just two shirts and still appear smartly dressed everyday. Just ensure that you clothes are well ironed, shoes well polished and hair well groomed. This is so important, especially for those of you that have white collar jobs. A smart appearance could open doors for you; someone could go out of their way to do something for you just because of how neatly dressed you are. There is this saying that goes:

dress the way you want to be addressed

Be courteous! Be polite! Don’t get tired of saying “please” and “thank you”. This is an unspoken rule in most offices, unless you are the boss *wink*. Be very mindful of the way you speak to others. One bad word could set off a chain of events which could end up frustrating you and ruining your day.

In addition to being polite, try to have a smile on your face. It’s just nice to have a smile on your face; show off those cute dimples or those beautiful set of teeth.

Have a thick skin but be open to constructive criticism. Don’t let words bring you down, you cannot please everyone. But if someone gives you constructive criticism, listen to them and make the necessary changes which would make you a better person.

Surround yourself with positive people, people who encourage you and inspire you to be better. Avoid those who always say negative things, those that try to talk you down, those that don’t want you to be great, avoid them all.

I hope these few pointers would help you have a great day today and always. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to drop any questions or comments in the comments section below. Also do subscribe to receive post alerts and updates from me. Show your support…I know y’all love me. Same time next week.

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