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I saw a tweet by Cleveland clinic that said cucumbers are underrated so I decided to take on the topic. As a doctor, there are a lot of things to be skeptical about. Not everything on the internet is right even if they seem ‘very original’.

Cucumbers like all fruits are healthy, so what makes it so special to the point of being considered as UNDERRRATED.

I won’t bore you with literature like the scientific name of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) or that it belongs to the zucchini family, along with watermelon and pumpkin or that cucumbers are said to originate from India (the Northern part of India), or that there are 2 types of cucumbers (the slicing cucumber which we all know and the Gherkin cucumber which is used to make pickles), no I won’t bore you. I’ll rather go straight to the point…

Cucumbers are low in calories and fat, they contain several vitamins and minerals, making them a good fit for cooking and snacking.

health benefits of cucumbers

The skin of cucumber is rich in fiber and minerals; magnesium, molybdenum, silica, and potassium. While the flesh is rich in Vitamins A, C, and folic acid.


  1. Cucumbers keep you HYDRATED as they contain 96% water.
  2. Aids in digestion. Cucumbers have a high fiber content which helps in digestion. It can also be used as a home remedy for constipation.
  3. Cucumbers contain silica which promotes joint health and basically slows down the aging process.
  4. Helps in weight loss. As earlier mentioned, Cucumbers have a high water content and low calorie content that help in weight loss.
  5. Cucumbers help to control the blood pressure. Studies done at the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) show that people that consumed foods (such as cucumber) high in magnesium, potassium and fiber had their blood pressure come down to normal level.
  6. They are useful for diabetic patients as they have a low glycemic index, therefore keeping the glucose levels in check.
  7. Cucumbers can serve as antioxidants because they contain rutin and ascorbic acid, which function as free radical scavengers.
  8. They are one of the most alkaline foods you can find and because they also contain triterpenes, they work well to regulate diseases that involve the immune system. Plus cucumbers are anti-inflammatory in nature.
  9. Research also suggests that an alkaline diet can assist with chemotherapy treatments, making the treatments more effective. Cucumbers contain lignans that are being studied for treating estrogen-related cancers.


  1. They can be used for facials. Face masks that contain cucumber juice help to reduce the puffiness under the eyes. They contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which reduce water retention, therefore eliminating those eyebags.
  2. It also strengthens and promotes the growth of nails & hair.
  3. Cucumbers fortify cells so that they retain their hydration. They may also slow age-related cellular deterioration.
  4. They have been used to treat wrinkles and sunburns and have been used as a moisturizer and skin brightener (by inhibiting tyrosinase).


  • Buy preferably, organically grown cucumbers as they are richer in taste and nutrients.
  • Buy firm and dark green cucumbers as they have less mature seeds and insoluble fiber.

dark green cucumbers

  • Cucumbers are very sensitive to heat so buy the cucumbers that are displayed in the fridge
  • Avoid buying wrinkled cucumbers or those that have wrinkled tips.

Be as “cool as a cucumber”

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