Grand square ice cream flavours

Grand square ice cream was everyone’s favorite a couple of years ago. I remember the days when going to Grand square was a big deal. Then, they had many different flavours for the customers to chose from and the queue for the ice cream was usually quite long.

I have visited Grand square a couple of times recently. The most recent being yesterday (ie Thursday) and for the first time I decided to sit there and take the ice cream, I wanted to experience the full package.


Grand square icecream

I am not going to give you any fantastic tale telling you how the ice cream melts in your mouth or maybe how there is a hint of rasberry in the strawberry flavored ice cream or how every bite taken with the cone tastes like a combination of ‘guilty pleasures’ in your mouth. NO!, I won’t do any of that. I’ll just point out what I like and what I don’t like about Grand square ice cream.

abuja ice cream

The ice cream itself is nice with a few buts.

What I like about Grand square ice cream

The taste is nice.

It’s really affordable (compared to other ice cream vendors)

Grand square ice cream price list

The ice cream place is usually not busy and because I went in the evening, it was even less busy than it should.


Grand square ice cream place

They have a wide range of flavours (more than 10) but not as much as I think they should have. Back in the day, there used to be more flavours. So if you are reading this and you are a member of their team, please add some more flavours to your ice cream…pretty please.

What I don’t like about Grand square ice cream

  • The quality is good but not great
  • It melts very easily. Yeah I know ice cream is supposed to melt but theirs melts relatively fast for regular ice cream (as opposed to soft serve ice cream).

As I sat there alone, eating my ice cream, I felt like a BOSSCHICK. It felt really good to take myself out, pay for my own ice cream and take my sweet time to eat everything all by myself. It was in the evening (past 6pm), so it felt very relaxing.


Grand square ice cream is for the regular ice cream lover without particular interests in the variety of flavours available.

Grand square icecream

There’s going to be more reviews like this on the blog. If you have any place you want me to write on, kindly leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to go there and check it out. Even if you want me to go to Transcorp Hilton and try out their buffet, however expensive it may seem, is alright…na the work wey we dey do! Have you been to Grand square ice cream place recently? Leave a comment below, let me know what you think of their ice cream.

Thanks for reading guys. It’s the weekend, go out and have fun. Check out my post on 5 fun things to do over the weekend, you would love it. Cheers…

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