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Game of thrones shot some scenes in Spain and it has been very awe-inspiring to look at these locations.

Some of these locations are places that are not commonly known and would be great places to visit during a holiday, especially with the help of Travelstart Nigeria

I’m sure you will be able to identify some of the scenes associated with each of these locations.

As the series draws to an end HBO has guarded Season 8’s secrets closer than ever before. But a recent visit to some of Spain’s most pivotal filming locations offered the fans some clues of what those secrets could be.


Game of thrones Locations in Spain:

  1. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo ie beaches of Basque Country | Dragonstone:


The area is very picturesque and green as the picture above shows.

Beaches which represent dragonstone island can be found along the country’s coast. Itzurun Beach in Zumaia is proud of a huge 500-feet limestone cliff that looks just like dragon scales. While the secluded but easily accessible Muriola Beach in Barrika totally washes away at high tide.

Bermeo is 20 miles north of Bilbao (another picturesque tourist attraction, perfect for a picnic) and can be best visited by a car, if you choose Spain as your next vacation destination.


2. Trujillo Castle in Caceres, Extremadura | Casterly Rock in The Westerlands

casterly rock


The  Trujillo Castle sits proudly at the top of a hill in the city it is named after, in the Extremadura region of Spain. Northwest of the Andalusia region of Spain, the area is overlooked by many visitors because of it’s outer appearance, but it rewards those who do make it to the top. (Want a reward? Go there)

For starters, Extremadura’s idyllic landscape is responsible for producing some of Spain’s finest foods. It’s said that a monkey could swing all the way to Madrid without leaving the branches of the region’s many citrus trees, so the reward is food huh? The cheese from this castle is celebrated as some of Spain’s most complex, and it’s the birthplace of one of the first producers of Jamón Ibérico (cured ham).

So it’s a Vital place, but people don’t know because they see how seemingly unattractive it is and pass by. It would be best to plan your visit by midday or when siesta is ending, if you want to go there.

These are nice locations in Spain chosen by GOT. Lastly, you will have to check out Trujillo castle for your reward.

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