It’s been a long battle by the Nigerian Youths for the right to live, the right to simply exist! END SARS!

Nigerian youths are awake and are tired of the oppression by the Nigerian police force, especially the brutality being carried out by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian police force.

Nobody would have imagined that a time like this would come, but here we are. The Nigerian youths are awake and ready to make “A New Nigeria”. A Nigeria where we can be free to express ourselves without intimidation from the government. A Nigeria that is safe, not just for our generation but for the generations to come.

Our leaders are silent irrespective of the situation of the country at the moment. It begs the question “who is really in charge in this Nation? ” If those that are presumed to be our leaders appear handicapped and are dragging their feet to reform the Nigerian police, then the system has truly failed its citizens.

Matter of fact, there is NO SYSTEM in Nigeria!

Nigerian youths are awake and we demand a visible change. For more info, watch the video below.

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