diy brazilian wool twists

How to install brazilian wool twists at home

Been rocking the natural hair without any protective styling for a while now. I kinda enjoyed it but at the same time was tired of it. I really didn’t know what to do with the hair, so I decided to try something new (to me).


I used 4 bundles for this hairstyle although I purchased waaaay more than 4 bundles. One bundle was 200naira (less than a dollar).

I began by dividing my hair in 2 sections. That’s not really necessary but I wanted to show off a center part. So…


natural hair ready to be twisted

Next, I rolled out the bundle of wool and cut it to my desired length. The bundle rolls out 8 strands at once.


rolls of brazillian wool

For each parted section of my natural hair, I used 8 strands of the wool. To achieve a greater thickness, you may consider using more strands of wool. Using the invisible twist method, I installed the wool.

how to install brazillian wool twists


After each completed twist, I secured the tips with small rubber ties, if not they would have just unraveled. I really wanted to rock the hair with the ties in place but whenever I tried holding the hair in place, a tie would slip off, causing that twist to unravel. So I then decided to ‘light up’ the tips.



how to secure the tips of brazillian wool

full head of brazillian wool twists

diy installation of wool twists

I started twisting past 9pm and finished the afternoon of the next day. Well I could have finished earlier than that but amidst my snack breaks, TV breaks and sleep, you can figure out the rest.


twisted natural hair with wool extensions

wool extensions pulled up in an updo


Ladies, I must say that I’m quite impressed with the outcome. The Brazilian wool is lightweight (maybe because I used just 4 bundles for this look) but I’m loving it. I hope the hair does not get old too quickly, although I plan on having it for just a couple of weeks, at least until I figure out what to do next with ‘this lil hair of mine’.

do it yourself brazillian wool


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