chief daddy

Nigerian movies are have gone past those days where everything was stereotyped and very predictable. Story-lines are now better, outfits and makeup are now on point, the logistics generally has improved.


Went to the cinema to see this one. I got there just as the movie was about to start. Movie was worth every penny (although I didn’t pay for it, but still). It costs N3,000 to see the movie, the price is the same on weekdays and weekends. Good news is that the ticket gets you a bag of popcorn and a drink, an opportunity I almost missed out on. Went to the snack area just to buy me a drink, only for the attendant to ask me for my ticket in order for him to give me the popcorn and drink, eh, you should have seen the happy dance I did in my mind. I was just thinking; so if I had gotten my ticket and just walked in like a BOSSCHICK, that is how I would have missed this freebie.

When the movie actually started, I wasn’t getting the characters. kept trying to figure out who was who. I was already mentally tired and didn’t have the time for all that. Was just thinking ‘so after all the hyping this movie got, this is how it’s gonna go?’ I watched the trailer on YouTube for goodness sake and I barely watch trailers. This was a movie I was so interested in watching and ‘it now wants to come n fall hand?’

But about 10 minutes into the movie, it all started to make sense. I started loving it. Honestly, I laughed from beginning to the end. There were a lot of scenes in Yoruba, which were subtitled though but I felt it would have been funnier in the original context i.e in Yoruba.

The Characters…

Chief¬†Beecroft aka Chief daddy was a very promiscuous man ah ah. He had a wife, girlfriend, concubine, baby mama…name them. All those categories of side chicks you heard about, chief daddy had them. His death was a bitter sweet moment. Bitter for the wife and sweet for everyone else hahaha. I mean chief daddy was a financial pillar to everyone in that movie, even to the housekeepers daughter who was schooling in London..London oh!

How do you love someone and still be happy about the persons death. Ok, maybe not the death but everybody was just so excited to be getting a piece of the fortune he left behind. Matter of fact, it was the reason many of them tolerated each other so that his last wishes can be fulfilled and the WILL eventually read.

The OUTFITS, my oh my, the outfits in the movie were top notch. In some scenes, I think I paid more attention to the outfits than what was actually going on. After seeing 2 outfits from Joke Silva, I just understood why the movie charge was N3,000. For those outfits alone, they could have even put the movie at N5,000 (I’m just kidding, it would shock them how empty the cinemas would be at their show times) P.S. I’m looking for a tailor to replicate those styles for me…spread the word.


Chief daddy is a hilarious movie, family friendly too. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Have you seen Chief daddy yet? What are your thoughts, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

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