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Start from where you are (+ Blogging tips)

Started blogging in the last few moments of Uni (you would think that’s a great thing right, considering how much support I would get from the Uni community…but wrong). My Uni was in Cape Coast. For those of you that have been to Ghana, Cape Coast to be precise, I’m sure you are beginning to get the point. It’s like…

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launch of lbj

The launch of LbJ

Hi everyone !!! I’ve got a big announcement to make. I’m sure some of you have noticed some subtle changes on social media but here’s the big one. The blog which was at has been successfully moved to (LBJ). Yipeeee! This change had always been part of the long-term plan but thank God it came sooner than expected.…

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phiephiee youtube channel is live

YouTube channel is live

It’s live guys. My YouTube channel¬†phiephiee¬†is live. There are just a few videos there, but I promise there is more to come. I have watched so many YouTube videos and I thought to myself, if they can do it, so can I “how hard can it be”. So with my sister acting as my camera tripod lol, I went ahead…

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blogging tips

6 key blogging tips to boost your reach

Hi guys, What have you been up to? I hope y’all had a splendid week. This week has been awesome for me. Every morning I am constantly reminded that I have no lectures, tutorials or ward rounds to attend. It feels so good, believe me, but as the day goes on, it gets a bit boring. I mean, you basically…

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Welcome to my new blog

Phiephiee is a newbie blogger who is getting to understand the blogging community. It may not look like much now but this is ‘greatness’ in the making So stay tuned … P.S. Feel free to leave comments below. Tips on blogging would be very much appreciated

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