self potraits taken with a remote camera

A photoshoot does not have to be expensive. I had a great time taking these pictures.

Picked three different locations for the shoot

  1. The street
  2. A leisure park
  3. A building site

canon street style photography

To have a successful lone photoshoot, you need:

  • a camera
  • a tripod
  • a smartphone

Street style photography

The tripod was the most important accessory here because there was no one to hold the camera. Just mount your camera/smartphone on the tripod and you are good to go.

streetstyle photography

I used my camera for this photoshoot, so the smartphone (which was connected via wifi to the camera) served as my camera screen and shutter button, thanks to technology. If your camera does not support this technology, you could resort to the in-built camera timer…although that would involve a lot of back & forths, which would eventually tire you out.

At the park

how to take a self potrait using a tripod

The shoot was so easy, I took over 100 pictures, but had to select just a few for this post. I had the most fun at the park, although there were several people staring at me (but I really didn’t care, lol) and some actually asked me if the camera was working because they couldn’t see anyone operating it, but I was steady posing for pictures.

how to have a successful lone photoshoot

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