Many are called but a few are chosen lol. The Blogger recognition award is an online trend where a blogger nominates 15 other bloggers for the award. The nominated bloggers then have to write a post about it and further nominate 15 other bloggers and so on… I was nominated for this award two days ago…yippee and here is my post on it.


1. You have to thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog;

2. You have to write a post to show your award;

3. Give a brief story of how you started your blog;

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers;

5. Select 15 bloggers you want to give this award to; and

6. Comment on the blogs of these 15 bloggers and let them know that you have nominated them, providing a link to the post you created.

1 – Thank the person that nominated you

Thank you Mimi of Ramblings of Ms Mimi for nominating me for this blogger recognition award. You are such a sweetheart. There’s greatness ahead for you.

2 – Write a post to show the award

Well, you are reading the post.

3 – A brief history of how I started blogging

I started blogging in 2016. When people ask me why I started blogging I tend to give different answers to different people. But the bottom line is … I started blogging because I felt I would be good at it, I wanted to inspire people and when I started I realized I loved it. You can read more of the history behind my blogging journey how I started blogging.

4 – Advice for new bloggers

  1. Have a passion for blogging: Don’t force it. It may not seem easy sometimes but enjoy the journey. When you love what you do, you would work hard to be better at it and the results would give you some sense of achievement.
  2. Be original: Be YOU! Don’t try to copy someone else’s style. Yes, you can be inspired by them, but do NOT copy them. Original content is always appreciated.

You may also want to check out my post on The Essentials of blogging

5 – Nominate 15 bloggers

This is the exciting part because I know how it feels to be appreciated. In NO particular order (although ladies first), here they are:

  1. Kachee Tee (I actually mentioned her in one of my posts last week)
  2. Craving Yellow (one of my inspirations for my natural hair journey)
  3. Africanism Cosmopolitan (a blog about the gospel, lifestyle and fashion)
  4. Attics by Chinju (her tagline says it all; All The Things I Can’t Say…A.T.T.I.C.S)
  5. Gingerlie (a friend and the first Abuja blogger I got to know personally)
  6. Staples & style (chic blog for the blog lover plus met her quite recently)
  7. Ada Beauty (a friend and a lover of all things beauty)
  8. Cassie Daves (a fellow colleague in the medical profession)
  9. Alexandriah Sho-Silva (if you love fashion, you would love this)
  10. Veefinition By Valerie Egbuniwe (my little sister actually brought this blog to my attention)
  11. Official Shona (a lifestyle and fashion blog)
  12. Princess Audu (a friend and a successful blogger)
  13. Blueink (a go to blog if you are Abuja based)
  14. Gerald Okereafor (a young man with a passion for blogging)
  15. The DvfStyleCollective (such a happy fellow who expresses his joy in every post)

Kindly take out time to go through these 15 blogs, you would love them. It’s the weekend, grab yourself a glass of something chilled and have fun going through these blogs.

6 – Let the 15 bloggers know you nominated them for the blogger recognition award

Off to do that now…


So that’s it guys. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Kindly leave your comment in the ‘leave a reply’ section below.

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