home made banana pancakes with syrup

Smoothies always look delicious and they are also healthy and fun for breakfast or brunch. Been wanting to put up my usual pancakes and smoothie recipe but decided to switch things up a bit and try something new. I used leftover bananas (which I didn’t want to go waste) to make the banana pancakes and banana smoothie.

Ingredients for banana smoothie mix

  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Low fat milk

Banana smoothie mix pictorial

Peeled both fruits and chopped the fruits into small bits

diced bananas and mango for smoothie

Put the fruits into the blender and added the milk. Blended into a smooth mix and yes…my smoothie was ready!

diced fruits and milk in a blender for smoothie

pancakes and banana smoothie

Ingredients for banana pancakes

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Nutmeg
  • Eggs
  • Banana

ingredients for home made pancake

This batter can actually be prepared in several ways but this is how I chose to prepare the batter for this particular ‘experiment’.

Step by step banana pancakes pictorial

I used sugar cubes and not granulated sugar, so I had to dissolve the cubes in water.

step 1 banana pancake pictorial

Poured in some low fat milk (my first time using this particular type of milk)

step 2 banana pancake pictorial

Sprinkled some nutmeg into the sugar-milk solution (lol now it feels like a science project)

step 3 banana pancake pictorial

Added two eggs and whisked the mixture into ‘perfection’

step 4 banana pancake pictorial

Sifted the quantity of flour I wanted to use, although that was not necessary because the packaging of the flour indicated that it was already super sifted.

step 5 banana pancake pictorial

Poured in the flour into the mixture and mixed thoroughly.

step 6 banana pancake pictorial

With my complete pancake mixture ready, I brought out my SECRET INGREDIENT; a banana. Mashed it and added to the pancake mixture.

step 7 banana pancake pictorial

I got the frying pan ready and started frying…

step 8 banana pancake pictorial

step 9 banana pancake pictorial

This is the finished product, how delicious does it look?! It tastes as delicious as it looks. Home made pancakes are just the best.

home made banana pancakes with syrup

With Love,