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Hi, I’m Janet Mokelu and Lifestyle by Janet (as the name implies) is a lifestyle blog where I share all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel and other interesting information. Lifestyle by Janet began as a creative outlet for me to express my thoughts and share bits of my life with the world. But the blog has grown and is still being developed into an actual brand. The goal is to create quality content that would keep you informed, entertained and inspired. And over time, become a well-known lifestyle brand in Nigeria and beyond.


Aside being a blogger, I’m also a YouTube creator based in Abuja, Nigeria. And on my channel, you’d find a lot of vlogs and lifestyle related content. I enjoy showing you around my beautiful city. With over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, I am always on the lookout for fresh content that my subscribers would love.


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When I’m not being a blogger or a YouTube creator, I’m busy saving lives. Yes! I’m a Medical Doctor and contrary to popular opinion, I’m actually practicing medicine. At the moment, I’m a general practitioner. I have no specialties yet but I have plans for that in the near future. You can read about my medical school story on this blog.


Fun facts:

I like to have fun and explore new places in the company of good friends. I love fast cars and car racing is kinda my thing (literally). Want to make me happy? … take me shopping.


My favourite quote is “start from where you are”. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes it’s a struggle to get things done because I always aim for perfection. At those times, I refer back to my favourite quote.


I hope Lifestyle by Janet inspires you, teaches you something new or at least keeps you entertained.

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