Christmas 2018

My slogan for this years Christmas is a Christmas to remember. Days leading to Christmas, this was on my mindset all day. Let’s just say Christmas 2018 was indeed one to remember.

True Joy for All Seasons!

Christmas is a season of love and sharing, when people gather to feast, decorate their houses, sing carols, and exchange gifts. It’s the only time of the year when some relatives see each other and spend time together.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year!

however, beyond the gifts and visitations, Christmas is really a love-story; a story of God’s eternal love, expressed in His Love-Son, Jesus Christ. There was no better way for God to prove His love to man outside of Him.

Jesus Christ, the Crown of heaven and the joy of the Father’s heart, came to the world, not only to deliver man from sin and the devil, but also to bring him into fellowship with God. Now, He lives in our hearts, and we’ve become one with Him. He’s brought us into a life of absolute rest and glory! What great news!

This is what we joyfully celebrate at Christmastime. It however shouldn’t be a thing of seasonal euphoria; it’s what we should celebrate everyday of our lives.

#Excerpts from Rhapsody of realities



a Christmas to remember

With Love,



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