a bloggers fantasy

Hi darlings,

So as I was told, I was having a bit of writers inertia. But for you to be reading this post, I OVERCAME…HAALLELUYAH!!!  I had been so out of touch with writing that whenever I got close to my working station, I remembered that I had someother ‘not so important’ thing I had to do immediately. This kept happening over and over and over again, and it really got me thinking…is this blogging life really meant for me? Yes, I got to that point!

But here I am beautiful readers, writing another post and hopefully there’s many more to come.

These last couple of weeks got me thinking. I even put up a snap saying a needed an assistant and that’s the truth. Now think of this, how cool would it be to have someone who accompanies you around town and to events, and also spontaneously takes cool pictures of you whilst you have fun. Now here comes the twist, what if I didn’t have to pay this person. What if this person was a boyfriend?! Can you imagine, how much easier life would be as a blogger to have a boyfriend who genuinely supports your ministry… GOALS!!!

bloggers fantasy

On to the next one, creativity, imagination, style – these are all qualities that result in beautiful photographs. But some of us, don’t really have the time to get these all sorted out. How nice would it be to have a list of ‘picture perfect’ spots in Abuja so that we (bloggers) don’t stress out so much on location hunting. I have always had the ‘work with what you have mentality’ but it’s always nice to go the extra mile.

Blogging is not as simple as some people think it is. It’s not just about posting pictures on social media, it’s about creating content for your readers. To some people it comes naturally and to others, well, let’s just say we work it out, although we enjoy doing it.

a bloggers wish

Talking about the blog, LIFESTYLE BY JANET would turn 1 year in a couple of weeks …whoop whoop. I said earlier (when LBJ was 6 months old) that I was gonna do a giveaway at 1 year. Well, it’s just around the corner and I’m thinking of doing something BIG just that I haven’t quite figured it out yet *wink*. I need suggestions, please leave your comments down below, they would be very much appreciated.

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