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WOW! How time flies. I remember clearly my first day on the job. In fact, it feels like I started this whole housejob journey just yesterday. Thursday marked my 70th day in Paediatrics posting. #mamaImadeit.

Paediatrics was one rotation I was not looking forward to starting but it happened to be my very first rotation. Who would’ve thought that I would survive a full 70 days in here. I’m really looking forward to the last day, I wonder if I would be as excited as I am right now.

If you have been an ardent LBJ reader, you would have read my post Tales of a new HouseOfficer and you would really understand why this 70 days milestone is like a trophy to me.

paediatrics posting at maitama hospital

Paediatrics posting

Working with children does something to you. It’s brings out a lot of virtues you either forgot you had or never even had in the first place. Because at the end of the day, you are doing what you do for those sweet, innocent kids. So irrespective of what the parents say or do to piss you off, you keep your calm, bite your tongue if you have to, plaster a smile on your face and gently give them a response they would understand.

Our bosses have told us severally not to go off on patients or their relatives but let me tell you from personal experiences, it’s not easy mehn. Sometimes it feels like they are intentionally testing your patience or level of intelligence. Some of them just act in a way that makes you wonder why you chose this profession, but as I always say, na the work wey we dey do.

theatre sessions in paediatrics

It’s been an exciting journey so far

You know I can’t talk about my work without talking about those I work with right? I have gotten to know the TRUE nature of several of my colleagues. I’m wondering if I should discuss it here or give you guys a breakdown on my snap…hmmmm. Let’s save it for snapchat. But the summary is this: I work with some amazing people. In my previous post; Tales of a new Houseofficer, where I mentioned some people were really annoying, it’s funny that those ‘annoying’ people are now my buddies, maybe not all of them though *wink*.

lecture during paediatrics posting

I’m currently working in the neonatal unit and my current colleagues are just darlings (in the sense that they help cover up for you). That notwithstanding, I still can’t wait to finish with paediatrics posting. Like I can literally see the finish line and it’s so much within my reach.

Yes, I almost forget to tell you guys. Those of you on my snap would already know this. I wasn’t feeling well this week (well from last week actually but who’s counting), I was just not myself for quite a few days. On Wednesday, I didn’t go to work and the bedrest was very much needed. So ladies and gentlemen I was in my room (having some bedrest) and I heard a knock on the door. I proceeded out of my bed to go open the door and lo and behold I saw about 2 of my bosses…I immediately shouted ‘sh*t’ and banged the door shut.


Let me help you understand this situation better. I hadn’t had my bath, I was wearing an ugly long dress, and had this weird looking scarf tied on my head…safe to say it wasn’t a pretty sight. Back to my story, I reopened the door only for me to see my Head of Department (HOD) what a shock! I immediately shouted Jesus and banged the door shut again. At this point in time, I wanted to look for an escape route and just jump out of my room.

I reopened the door (for the 2nd time) and this time, I let them all in. 5 doctors…5 senior colleagues came in to see me dressed like a housegirl instead of a houseofficer. I welcomed them warmly, they handed me the ‘get well soon’ gift they brought me, we had a chat, they prayed for me and then left. It was after they left I just played back everything in my head. I just wished someone would have given me a hint that they were coming to visit me so that I could put myself together. But then if someone gave me that hint, it would have ruined the surprise. So, I gladly appreciated the fact that I wasn’t informed of the visit because it was a very heartwarming surprise.

Thank you so much, I appreciate the love

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70 days in paediatrics

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