harmattan essentials in nigeria

The weather has been so hot and dry recently, I thought the harmattan was all about that cold cold feeling. Nevertheless, we still have to protect our hair and skin against the harsh weather. Ladies, if you haven’t already gotten your protective hairstyles, I wonder what you are waiting for. Protect your hair against breakage, you may think it’s not necessary but my experience last year December has thought me otherwise. The length of hair I had retained prior to last year, just managed to cut off all by itself because I left my fro out. Gentlemen, well, you don’t need any protective hairstyles, just keep your hair neat, tidy and adequately moisturized and you are good to go.

Talking about the weather,

I really hope the winds blow in a different direction this time around. I’m still expecting this hot phase to pass and the cold cold phase to begin. So I’m gonna help you prepare for this ‘predicted’ season. Nobody likes to see those chapped lips, frizzy hair or dry ashy skin. No! I cringe when I even catch myself slipping, seeing that ashy skin, I just want to soak myself in petroleum jelly. But unfortunately, my skin doesn’t feel good with jelly on it, it prefers lotion ..BOUJEE..

Those with dry skin (like real dry skin) will tell you, it’s not easy to come by a lotion that has that 24 hour coverage against dryness. It takes some amount of attempts to find that lotion that was meant for your skin or maybe that is what I tell myself every time I go to the stores to get a new lotion. I have realized I always change my body lotions. You know this idea of “I use neutrogena or palmers or vaseline”, well it doesn’t apply to me. I use any nice enough lotion I come across and my skin isn’t damaged yet. Still POPPIN’ *wink*


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Let’s start with the hair, moisturizing is key, whether your are a naturalista or not. It could be as minimal as putting some oil on you edges every moning to as much as going through the whole daily spraying with a spray bottle, and locking in the moisture with some oils. It’s also advisable to avoid heat and let your hair air dry, unless you are in a hurry. I’m currently on braids and I’m using this CARIBBEAN NATURAL anti-itch relief spray. If you are rocking braids like me, you can use this daily in place of a spray bottle and then lock in the moisture with your sheabutter, oils or pomade.


harmattan essentials in nigeria


For your skin, use what you are familiar with, whether it be petroleum jelly, lotion, unprocessed shea butter, baby oil or body butter. Just make sure you are using something. If you have dry skin and it tolerates the jelly, I highly recommend using that. Petroleum jelly is a basic and has been making waves since the 1900’s…just kidding, but you get the point. If you are not inclined to use the jelly, there are several other options listed above for dry skin.


Now the lips, we ladies often overlook the need to moisturize our lips. It’s not just about putting on the lip sticks/lipglosses, especially those matte ones that we use to have a longer lasting lip colour. You can still wear those matte lipsticks but the trick is to put on a thin layer of a non greasy lip balm prior to applying the lipstick. This way you kill 2 birds with one stone. A very good example of  a non greasy lipbalm is so common, you wouldn’t have guessed (or maybe you guessed)…it’s chap et lip pomade. You can pick this up from a convenience store close to you.

skincare during harmattan season

Well, I think that’s about it. You are ready for harmattan.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you also picked up a few tips on taking good care of your skin during this period. Kindly leave your comments or questions in the comment section below.

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P.S. What other tips do you recommend for this harmattan season?

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